Study Case: Remote Worker Indonesia. Brand Identity Design for Education & Agency Service

Imam Abullaisi
4 min readJun 19, 2021


Hello world, hello everyone this is my first post. I do apologize if you found some bad grammars.

Remote Worker Indonesia (RWID — is an Indonesian internet-based education company (it’s also an agency) through remote. What I loved about RWID is the culture of its community and the founder, Mr. Eko S. Wibowo. He is a great entrepreneur and such a sincere person. I heard a lot about his advice and passion through RWID on its YouTube channel even Spotify podcast. Yeah it sounds good, it feels good, but I don’t think it looks good enough.

The problem

  • When I visit the social media page and the website, I didn’t see a lot of consistency in the design there. for examples:
This is a two different style and palette
  • I noticed some color contrast is mostly bad so makes it hard to read and the layout and object placement is disproportional and unbalanced. few examples:
Bad contrast example (left), Bad object proportion (right)
  • I do some competitive research/audit to finding some differences and gap from the other relative companies both direct and indirect

The conclusion of the problem is there is a design gap between other companies. RWID has a lack of branding identity because the designs are not meet the basic design principles yet (as I show few examples before). This causes the user and audience low awareness of the brand.

The solution

To improve and increase awareness, trust, and looks, first, as a junior designer I’ll make brand identity and guidelines to define how RWID will look and feel. From the start of 1 June, I do brainstorming a lot to find the direction. This is kinda one example I do:

Audience characteristics

The symbol design

After some research part, I start sketching the logo. I need to make sure the philosophy of the culture is still existed like the 5:00 AM clock, the green and blue element from the old logo, and then combine with bold style, monospace type, and programming symbol to show how this company and its community natively born.

The consistency & guidelines

Consistency is a must and one of the things that need to be improved. To make sure the design would not confused and readable, I decided which green and blue and modern primary typeface.

The web

The web UI design will be written in the next post, check it [here] when it is available.

Conclusion & final words

This is a fun challenge and one of the ways to grow for me, Even with all the research I did, both the writing and the design are still far from perfect because I myself still in the learning process. All constructive criticism and suggestions will be very very welcome :) thank you for reading my first post!